THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IS BEHIND US NOW [after a poem by Ashley Lamb, photo collage 29,8cm*42cm, 2010]



Mondgesicht Town

In the town where you were born and where I have never been,

we go walking in the evening,

narrowly tucked behind a sea of children,

hourly walking the moon.

The same moon you held closely to your chest through childhood,

swung violently about.

The action of: to less the beautiful darkness.


In your language, this rainbow is on fire.


Something else, mid-flight, extinguishing flames with the hands.

I am ashamed to say I also dreamed this.

Except C. was there and it was me, burning.

Not the terror or the America or some form of the revolution.

Only a very precise me.

Since then it has again begun to grow darker.

The beautiful the most beautiful is behind us now.




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